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Get ahead of the Games – time management and planning!

Olympics London 2012 the biggest event since the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton!
Great Britain and specifically London braces itself for the Olympic Games there’s plenty of planning off the field too.

Trains, Tubes, Busses, Airports, Road changes and Car Parking, there’s a whole host of websites offering information on how to get about during the Games. offers these five top tips for your consideration:

1. Find the travel hotspots
2. Plan ahead
3. Consider all your travel options
4. Avoid the busiest times if you can
5. Avoid driving into affected areas if you can

I’m sure you’ll agree there is nothing revolutionary here and some would say ‘well that’s common sense’. The question is if we follow these very simplistic tips you can enjoy your Olympic experience even more.

However, if you look carefully enough you can see how close these tips are to time management and planning.

Think of something that you’re looking to achieve at work e.g. a project or dealing with all the plates you’re spinning etc.

1. Find the hotspots – what are the pressure points (if you can identify them you can avoid them)!

2. Plan ahead – Plan for change, resistance, objections etc.

3. Consider all your options – what options are available to you; be creative, innovative, does it all have to be done in the same way?

4. Avoid the busiest times – create specific time to complete whatever it is you’re looking at – block out time in your diary – build in slippage time and most certainly do not aim to finish in the wee hours of deadline day

5. Avoid driving into affected areas – what will you find if you swim in shark infested areas? Well, if you work at your desk how many interruptions will you get? How many times will your time be stolen away? Where’s the best, quietest place you could be to progress this important piece of work?

Again very simplistic tips and there’s nothing there that you’d consider ground breaking, yet how many times do we actually take these steps? The answer for most of us is not very often, yet we know we’d be far more successful if we did!

If that is the case then what other useful information, tips, points are we missing out on?

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